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Masonry Restoration
Project by JV Deco

Type of Project and Client’s Region

Project Type: Masonry restoration on the side wall
Location: Westmount, Montreal


Our Westmount client, referred to us by a local architect, sought restoration services for their heritage home. 

The side brick wall in question was a triple-layered structure, which consisted of three layers of bricks, typical of older homes in the area. Understanding the complexity and historical significance of such a structure, our team at JV Deco took on the challenge to restore it.


Triple-Layered bricks Structure

The client was initially unaware that their wall was triple-layered, with layers of brick that were crucial for structural support.

Safety Enhancement

Reinforce the wall to ensure it meets today’s structural safety standards.


Heritage Preservation

Ensuring the preservation of the home's heritage while meeting modern safety standards.

Keep the architecture

Keep alive the aesthetic and historical integrity of the home by restoring the visible outer layer with the original bricks.

JV Deco’s Intervention

Services Provided

Removal and Reconstruction

Removal and Reconstruction

We carefully removed all three layers of the brick wall.

Structural Reinforcement

Structural Reinforcement

Rebuilt the inner layers using structural blocks. Reinforced these blocks with rods and cement to ensure long-term stability.

Heritage restoration

Heritage restoration

Reconstructed the exterior layer using the original bricks in good condition, ensuring the heritage look was preserved.

Techniques and Materials

Structural Blocks

Chosen for the inner layers to comply with modern building standards.

Original Bricks

Reused to maintain the historical appearance of the home.

Rod and Cement Reinforcement

Added for extra support and durability.


The decision to use structural blocks for the inner layers was based on current best practices in masonry, providing a robust and durable solution while maintaining the home’s aesthetic with the original bricks.

Results and Impact

Quantifiable Results

  • Improved Safety: The wall, previously buckling, is now stable and secure.
  • Cost Savings: Enhanced insulation from the reconstruction has resulted in lower heating costs.
  • Aesthetic Value: The wall has been restored to its original beauty with refreshed mortar joints.

Client’s Feedback

“JV Deco did a significant brickwork project for us in Westmount. It was a pleasure to work with them. Straightforward, hardworking, polite, and fast. The end result is excellent quality.”

Westmount Client

Quick Facts

Project Duration

3 weeks

Materials Used

Structural stones, cement, rods, original bricks, mortar.

Size of Area Restored

60 ft long x 15 ft high